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As of right now we currently only have a standard shipping option. The standard shipping is around 5-8 business days. Make sure when ordering you plan accordingly for when you want your clothing. Along with standard shipping we calculate the shipping cost per item. For every T-Shirt the shipping costs $3, and for every Hoodie or Crewneck costs $5.​


If you ever have any questions regarding the tracking of your package feel free to reach out using the chat feature on the website, the little box at the bottom with three buttons, or by reaching out via email and label the subject "Package tracking" followed by your name and product ordered.


All clothing sold via SmokeMMA is made to order, so unfortunately we do not accept refunds. Refunds will only be given if the print comes in messed up or what you receive is not what you ordered. To contact me about your return you can either reach out via email at labeling the subject "Defective clothing review" or via the chat feature at the bottom of your screen.

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