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A little bit about me

My name is Anthony and I am the creator of SmokeMMA! A little bit about me is that I am still in high school and running my own clothing company! I wrestle and am starting to train in MMA! I interview MMA fighters and Boxers, go check it out now on the SmokeMMA Youtube! I plan on going into Sports Journalism after high school. This is only the beginning make sure to follow me along on this journey.

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My Story

How did we get here? This all started just like any other business, all from an idea. Except my idea initially didn't involve a clothing brand. The whole idea that started SmokeMMA was me thinking to myself that I wanted to talk to UFC fighters. So I did what I could and immediately hopped on my phone and started to DM as many fighters on instagram as I could. After I messaged about 50 fighters one finally responded. His name is Terrance "T-Wrecks" McKinney, and after that the ball started rolling. My cousin Luigi, who I couldn't do any of this without, helped me prepare for all my interviews and helped me keep going. From there I just kept hustling and hopping on zoom calls with MMA fighters and Boxers until I just really wanted to venture into Youtube videos about MMA. So then me and my friend Elijah sat on my couch and started filming some videos. That's when the idea of clothing was brought up to me. My friend Bryant asked me when I was going to make some clothing and that he wanted some. I made some mockup designs of shirts bought a few and I sold them all instantly. That's when I started taking this whole thing seriously. After I sold my first few shirts me and my cousin Luigi spent hours and hours designing the best shirts possible until we reached the designs we are selling today. That is the short version of the journey to SmokeMMA Apparel!

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